Mary Maxim Sleeved Poncho struggling

I’m working on a Mary Maxim kit pattern and have frogged 4 times so I’m getting a little frustrated. I’m not new to knitting but the pattern isn’t making sense and I was hoping someone might be able to clear things up.

The pattern reads the center panel should be worked over 34 stitches. Which makes sense since you cast on 190 stitches and St st 78 on either side of the panel and you marker off the panel. Well…this is the first row of the panel and it works out (at least in my head and on my needles) to more than 34 stitches. What might I be doing wrong?

P1, C2B, p1, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, sl 1, k1, psso, k8, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, sl 1, k1, psso, p1, C2B, p1

I count 38.

This pattern isn’t rocket science. Grrrrrrrrr

Thanks for any assistance.


You don’t count the YOs as a starting stitch because they don’t use a stitch, they add an extra on. To start with 34 count this way,

p1, c2b, p1, k2tog, yo, k5 = 11 don’t count the YO as a st
yo, sl1, k1, psso, k8, k2tog, yo = 12 sts, don’t count the yos
k5, yo, sl 1, k1, psso, p1, c2b, p1 = 11, don’t count the yo

Many people are taught that a yo is wrapping the yarn and knitting the next st, but it’s only wrapping the yarn.

I follow you all the way until the last row. I count 12 there. I think I was first counting the psso as 2 but it’s a decrease (duh) so it’s one. I’ll have to cast on one more time and try again through that part. I can’t wait to get past the first few rows! lol

Ohhh I recounted your way again and I get 34. Okay. Back to frogging and casting on one more time. Maybe I can’t count to 190. LOL

I get 34, but I count opposite from Suzeeq when I count a row. I never count the stitches I start with, but instead count how many I should END with, after I’ve successfully knit the row. The only thing to remember is not to count until AFTER the psso.

So I would count like this (my stitch counts will be in parentheses, in blue):

P1 [COLOR=“Blue”](1 sts)[/COLOR], C2B[COLOR=“Blue”](3 sts)[/COLOR], p1[COLOR=“Blue”](4 sts)[/COLOR], k2tog [COLOR=“Blue”](5 sts)[/COLOR], yo[COLOR=“Blue”](6 sts)[/COLOR], k5 [COLOR=“Blue”](11 sts)[/COLOR], yo[COLOR=“Blue”](12 sts)[/COLOR], sl 1, k1, psso [COLOR=“Blue”](13 sts)[/COLOR], k8 [COLOR=“Blue”](21 sts)[/COLOR], k2tog [COLOR=“Blue”](22 sts)[/COLOR], yo [COLOR=“Blue”](23 sts)[/COLOR], k5[COLOR=“Blue”](28 sts)[/COLOR], yo [COLOR=“Blue”](29 sts)[/COLOR], sl 1, k1, psso [COLOR=“Blue”](30 sts)[/COLOR], p1[COLOR=“Blue”](31 sts)[/COLOR], C2B[COLOR=“Blue”](33 sts)[/COLOR], p1[COLOR=“Blue”](34 sts)[/COLOR]

Wow. That was just as if you were sitting right here. I know exactly where I was messing up and I’ve done it before! I look at a pattern with “psso” and always do the slip 1, knit 1 before the “psso” but then I do it again as if the “psso” is telling me to do that. I can be thick headed sometimes. I’ve done that before. So, it messed up my stitch count.

Thank you so much!

:happydance: Glad that helped!

And I don’t think it’s a matter of being thick - heck, I had to frog a repeating row in my blanket the first, oh, 5 times I knit it, becuase of a stitch count issue I was having, before I took the time to break it down - just a needed a little slowing down (and imo, it’s easier with someone else’s pattern than one I’ve started already!)

I also count how many you end up with too. Either way, it’s 34. But yep, the psso is a decrease.