Mary Maxim orders?

Anyone out there order anything from Mary Maxim catalogue? I found this throw for $12.99 and was thinking it would match my daughter’s bedroom nicely. Never ordered from them before.


I’ve only ordered one time, about a year ago, and had a positive experience. I found a stocking kit on the Canadian website that was not offered on the US website. I called the US number to ask if I could still order the kit. They put together a kit for me, which I thought was very customer friendly! The delivery time was about the same time as KH, which for me is usually 2 weeks.

I’ve ordered from them many times thru the years, 2-3 times in the past year. No problems.

They have some awfully cute sock yarn, too. :mrgreen:


I order from them frequently. Never a problem, although I do think their shipping charges are on the high side. (I’m American, so I use the American site. Can’t say about the Canadian site.)

I know in Canada the shipping charges include insurance on your order…:knitting:

I have ordered from Mary Maxim many times over the years. Love their kits. But I do agree with sandy57th, their shipping charges are a bit high. Never had a problem with any order. :knitting:

Shipping costs may be high…but that is the Canada Post, and likely USPS dictating that…

I would put money on the fact that they are probably losing money on shipping…the minimum they charge for shipping…is 2.95 (CA) and I can tell you for a fact that a Parcel will not ship for any less than $4.76…ish…

In the dawning of the internet era…Canada post (can’t speak for USPS) has lost billions of pieces of mail. And yes…in the next 3 years…stamps are going up to 60 cents ish…

The average parcel goes out for $11 …and that does not really include packing mats…just keep it in mind when factoring shipping costs…