Mary Jane with Sock Booties

My daughter recently saw a baby wearing a pair of booties that looked like a pair of Mary Janes with white socks worked as one piece. If anyone has this pattern to share, please email me at Thanks!

I’m not sure if there is a free pattern…I looked around a bit but didn’t find one…:think:

Thereis this one on etsy that is cute and her patterns are really well written :thumbsup:

I have a booklet with all kinds of baby booties in it and there is a pair of mary janes with little white socks in it. I dont know the legalities of copy one and sending it. I did once on a quilt pattern long ago and really got into a lot of trouble from some women threatening to turn me and for copyright and these were only the women on a board not the writer, so I am always not sure right or wrong on these things. If you know what the legalities are and I can copy it I am happy to share it.

I am working on the Baby Sweet Pea booties pattern from Etsy that Dustina posted and I can say that it’s easy to follow and turning out really well. Totally worth the few dollars.

I just looked, and couldn’t find a free pattern. Don’t think it would be too hard to make a regular pair of Mary Jane booties and then add a tube to work as a sock. Do a little bit of eyelet at the top, and it would be [I]really[/I] cute.

There is this Mary Jane Sock free pattern for charity or personal use.

InterNette - can you list the name of your booklet? Then perhaps Lighting can search for it for sale somewhere, or even find someone willing to part with thiers, either for sale, trade or free. Or find it at a local library.

will go looking in my sewing room for it and post a pic and the name when I find it.

I have one for crochet…

From what I’ve read, you’re allowed to copy a pattern for personal use, but not sell either the pattern or the finished product. If you weren’t allowed to share the pattern with someone else, then libraries across the world are breaking the law…and my mom and I should be jailed and fined for swapping pattern books back and forth.

I think i know which ones you mean, my grandma was telling me about them when i talked to her last week (one of my cousins has two little girls)…

The ones she was telling me was that it looked like the sock and mary jane shoe part were one piece… it was also a stockingette stitch… if anyone has the pattern, please let me know what book or website so i can go and order it please :slight_smile:


Was it this pattern? Well, the link is to a sale of the finished product, but she does sell the pattern on a limited basis. I’ve been stalking her shop waiting for the pattern to go on sale again.

There is an ADORABLE pattern in the May issue of Creative Knitting. Made a pair for friends who just had a baby girl and they are beyond cute!

I just saw a pattern for these in a knitting magazine. Now to find the magazine! I know I have it as I just bought it a couple of weeks ago. Never fear I will post later once I find it. They are just darling.

The Mary Jane pattern was published in the May 2008 issue of Creative Knitting. It is on page 53. I do not feel comfortable going into detail regarding the pattern for copyright reasons but I bought my copy at Joanne’s Fabric Store.

the website gives away a free issue… here’s the project picture to see if it’s what you’re looking for

close but not quite what i’m looking for…

I think this Leaflet is what you are looking for.
Leisure Arts Leaflet #783 vintage 1989. I have made these many times and are always a hit! They are knit with sport weight yarn but I am currently making them with knitting worsted to make a larger size. Hope this helps.