Mary jane slippers

Hi all,
I was in Target today . I saw alot of cute mary jane slippers for sale. Just looking at them, I knew I could knit or crochet them by just finding a pattern. Does anyone have a pattern they would like to share?
Thank you

I don’t know off hand of a mary jane pattern exactly, but I made these ballet-style slippers for my daughters, and I think they could EASILY be adapted to look like mary janes, just by making the strap on one side a bit wider and shorter, leaving off the one on the other side, and adding a button. The pattern has directions for toddler, child and adult sizes.

How big are you needing these slippers? I know of a pattern for baby booties in the look of Mary Janes…I believe the sizes go from newborn to toddler.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll look at the pattern with the ties and see if I could make them with a strap instead.
I want to make them in adult sizes. Thanks

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Here’s an easy one -