Mary had a little Lamb-I knitted

I knitted this lamb for a friend. It is to remind her when she is low that God is in control. Jesus us the LAMB of God :grphug:

Anyway I started usingthe pattern that was in the Animals around the world book, but decided right off the bat that I wanted to do my own “thing” and made a lamb and changed lots of stuff. Like adding a better tail, some ears and more.

These pictures were taken with my cell phone so not so good of shots but you get the idea :happydance:

Aww! That’s darling! :cheering:
Your sheep looks very huggable.


What a precious gift. I love the face, reminds me of Shari Lewis’ Lamb Chop. I loved Lamb Chop, my husband loved Shari!

What a wonderful reason for a gift and what a darling lamb!!!

very cute lamb!

too cute

He is just adorable! I know your friend will treasure him!

:inlove: too cute!!

How sweet!

How cute is she…I absolutely love lambs I would love to do one for myself xxx

Mary, that is adorable! I want to hug that little lamb! :hug: You are such a wonderful person to knit this for your friend. That little lamb will always be a reminder of God’s love and your friendship. Found on Amazon.
Remember I changed the pattern to fit my needs. So it does not look exactly like the pattern in the book :slight_smile: Hope this helps :muah:

While I don’t share the same religious sentiment, you did a great job and I appreciate the thought behind it. very lovely!:muah:

AWWW toooo cute . :slight_smile:

That is so cute!!

That is an ADORABLE little knit lamb. You did an excellent job of customizing the pattern into something even more wonderful. What a lucky friend you have that gets this cuddly reminder.

I love it… It is sooo cute. Any chance you’ll sell the pattern which you’ve changed?

My grandkids would love one!

oow that’s a very cute little lamb:inlove: what a great gift! well done!!

Super cute, I love little lambs! I agree that it does look like Lambchop!