Martha's Knitting 101

NOT that poncho weirdness :shock:;jsessionid=OS1X5L4ZJZBCZWCKUU2SGWWYJKSS2JO0?type=content&id=channel172064&catid=cat339&navLevel=

I found this great idea

She siad to use in your kitchen for twine, but I’m heading out to find a nice flower pot to keep my yarn from rolling around and around and under and around

You find a great looking flower pot that is clean. Turn it upside down placing it over the ball of yearn threading the end through the drainage hole. Pull out the yarn and knit.


Awesome find, Christine!

Roxy :XX:

LOL :rofling:

christine, I remember seeing that quite a while ago in one of her magazine issues and it’s a great one I forgot about. Thanks for reminding me!!!

Thanks, Christine. I do alot of knitting sitting right here at my computer desk, in my comfy chair with lots of natural light flooding in through the windows. It would be so handy to plop an upside down flowerpot on the floor beside me while I knit, then on the desk shelf when not in use.

Roxy, I LOVE that scarf pattern. What I really love best about it is the super simple instructions. There appears to be no assumptions that a newbie knows what to do. They painstakingly explained it to a complete novice. I wish I could find more patterns like that!

Being new to knitting, I don’t know what “Aran” means. Is that a type of yarn, or weight, or what? :??

Martha’s Basic scarf was my very first knitting project EVER. It was in her magazine back in '96 or ‘97…and I’ve been hooked on knitting ever since. I still have that calamity layin’ around here after all these years to remind me of how I first started…and yet I’m still very proud of it. I’ve been greatful to Martha for this and so many other things she’s turned me on to.

I had the same question about Aran…it’s like worsted and it’s what I used as a substitute. I used plain old Red Heart for mine…find a nice worsted you can live with and knit up a ton of them to tweak your technique. I guarantee they’ll be a hit with the family too.

Aran is a knitting style, involving cables, bobbles and other motifs — generally anything that knits similarly in worsted weight on size 7-9 needles would be considered Aran weight…