Marsan Watchcap Decrease question

Good afternoon,

I am knitting a Marsan Watchcap

I did not knit it on circular kneedles because I thought I have to learn to knit kn dpns some time.

I buggered up the decrease the first time I started this and so I started it again (I knitted when I should have purled and didnt notice for a while).

Does it matter where I start the decrease? The pattern says “After every marker SSK”. Does that mean that I knit 18 (18 being where the marker is) and then ssk. Or do I ssk ON the 18th.
If I ssk the first stitch and then do 18 does it matter…I am a little confused and scared of buggering it up again.

Personally, I would do exactly as it says…start at the beginning of your round, knit until the marker, slip the marker, then ssk. Continue until you get to the next marker,and repeat.

I always remind myself of Ingrid’s quote when I get stuck like this: Trust the pattern! Generally meaning that the pattern makers do indeed know what they are doing, and the pattern will turn out ok. However, like you, if I am not sure, then I turn to my friends on KH.

good luck!!