Marley's ghost- i'm having a bit of trouble

Hello knitters,

I saw this pattern on knitty and fell in love.

However, I had never used DPN’s before and i can’t get hold of the specified yarn over here.

So i bought myself a set of 5 6mm needles (i knit really tight so i made up for this with the extra 0.5mm) and then set about finding a substitute yarn, boy is it hard!

First I tried ‘Rowan Kid classic’ as I was told it was Aran weight, equivalent to worsted, it came out tiny before i even felted it.

so now i’ve bought ‘rowan yorkshire tweed chunky’, a size up from the aran however when i cast on the required amount of stitches and knit three rounds it looked tiny, absolutely nothing like the picture at all.

Below is a picture of the 6mm needles and the chunky weight yorkshire tweed, i’ve cast on 40 stitches and so far knitted 2.5- 3 rounds (i’m rubbish at keeping count because i’m new to dpn’s).

the second one is to show a size comparison to my hand, the knitted links in the photo that comes with the pattern, look much bigger and they have been felted.

But it still looks too small as i know it will shrink in the wash. Can anyone tell me what’s going on as i don’t have enough knitting know how to fathom it out.

Basically why doesn’t it look like the pattern!?

Thanks so much for your time, i did witter on a bit.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Carly xx

It looks right to me, since each link is pretty thin after felting. :thinking: I’d finish one and felt it to see how it comes out.

I haven’t knitted that item myself, so I’m not 100% sure if what I say is right.

Ok, the yarn you chose actually has less yards per 100g and so it should make it bigger.
I think the whole piece is not going to shrink as much as you think when felted. The chain links of the endproduct seem to be finger thick and yours is now most definately wider than that. Why don’t knit one link and felt it to see how much it shrinks?

Thank you both for your help.

I’ve completed my first link- this is it before felting.

and now i can see quite how much it grows once it is off the needles

oh i’m gona felt it tomorrow, very exciting.

has anyone got any ideas for a padlock?

I think that it’s going to be okay after felting :wink: Let us know :smiley:

i’m currently looking for something suitable to put it in whilst it goes in the wash with a pile of jeans. i don’t have any zippered pillowcases.

I’m also reading up on felting as i don’t know how long i should leave it in there for. I’ll give it one short wash and we’ll see how it goes from there.

it’s a bit exiting now, although i really should be getting on with my ‘om yoga mat bag’ from Stitch and Bitch nation.

Hi! Where is “over here”? Are you in the UK by any chance?

What I will say is this, be careful where you buy the yarns or who you take advice from. In John Lewis in Oxford Street there are various staff there - I’ve seen two of them actually knitting and would ask them their advice over others I’ve not seen actually knit.

The Rowan Kid Classic is quite lightweight. I know this because I was looking yesterday and ended up buying 2 balls to do a bag from the book “25 bags to knit” I was looking at the yarn and realised that it just wasn’t a heavy weight yarn at all. The pattern in the book calls for knitting 2 strands together. I’d definately not put Rowan’s Kid Classic at Aran weight!

Yesterday, the ladies in JL Ox Street tried to palm me off with some yorkshire tweed chunky - Luckily I dont have my clogs pattern yet so wasn’t 100% sure of the yarn amounts required. I looked at it and it just didn’t feel like Aran to me either. My mother used to knit us all Aran Jumpers when we were kids so I have a small idea of how Aran wool should be.

They showed me some items felted using the tweed, but either they didn’t felt them very well or the stuff itself didn’t felt too well. I thought (from reading all about felting) that the stitches shouldn’t show. Using that, and felting it - the items they had on display showed the stitches.

I left there a bit bemused but read someone here saying they had some merino which is good for felting.

You could try some of the Patons wools, Sirdar is very expensive IMO and I saw other yarns in the store yesterday that were as nice and not as expensive.

Also, they (John Lewis) have started carrying Noro yarns. I understand these are pretty good for felting too and the ones I saw were quite thick looking.

hello Mulene,

I’m north london, quite near to ‘Loop’, anywho I know what you mena about ‘yorkshire tweed chunky’, i didn’t fancy it, but I’ve done it now and i’m about to felt it. I hope if it does work it only needs one ball cos it was far more expensive than i was expecting.

My main bug atm is that what i’ve knitted isn’t what the pattern called for, i needed to go up a yarn weight and cast on far more stitches for it to look vaguely like the picture, do you think i should write to knitty, or perhaps i don’t have the authority to complain as i didn’t use the exact specified yarn?

I just wanted it to be easy, for me to actually be able to get the yarn required follow the bleeding pattern and have what’s in the picture, but instead i just got a huge load of faff.

of course I’ll undoubtedly be very happy with the result but if I’d known it would be such a trial i may not have bothered.

first link going in the wash now.

Ooh lucky you being near loop, but loop does look expensive! Must make a trip there just for the experience!

If all fruit fails in your wash perhaps try something like this:

No mohair in it but it IS 100% wool.

I would also look here: and look at the Kilcarra Aran Tweed Wool that looks nice and chunky. You can order a shade card for 50 pence which would give you an idea of the thickness of the yarn too.

I’m personally a bit fed up of the lack of variety / colours and availability in London. We have Loop which sounds nice, creations in Chiswick and Barnes and John Lewis. Thats not a huge selection and neither JL (who have moved to the 4th floor) nor creations had bamboo or even wood DPN’s =(

Hope the felting goes well fingers crossed looking forward to seeing your results :slight_smile:

You know I vaguely remember someone saying something here about trying to design a padlock for the scarf… maybe a search will help!

Edit: did you try ebay for the Lamb’s Pride?

they loook like pretty handy websites but i think i’ll peresevere with the the three other yarns I’ve got and do a little trial on them all.

ok so it didn’t felt so well, just looks a wee bit fuzzy, but as i’ve read many times it can be a long process, so i think i’ll knit up a range of links and felt them all in one go as i want it all to be just right, then i can choose the best ( please let it be the cheaper yarn!!)

i did peek on ebay for lambs pride but they were only selling those huge cones which were summat like £30.

With the felting i think perhaps it didn’t felt so well as the yarn i used is chunky rather than aran, which would make a difference if i were thinking abour ‘rub room’, something i read about on here, so perhaps i’ll go down a yarn weight and try again.

thanks for all your help, i’ll be reporting again soon and boring you with tales of these ever pesky chain links.

hrm thats no good! Try the international shippers… one like this (I know its the wrong colour just an example) maybe

Good idea to stick with what you have for now anyway. Hope the cheapest yarn works out =D

I know the Rowan Kid Classic was £9 for 2 balls for me yesterday and that’s for a bag. I almost died at the price!