Marking rows? & SSK3?

Hey Again,

Two more questions just came up in my pattern.

Woking sleeves of sweater.

First Question:

Pattern states…
St st for 1 1/2", end on WS. Mark beg and end of last row.

HOW do I mark beg and end of last row? I’m guessing I would use yarn markers, as I was using for working complicated pattern rows? But leave the yarn marker loops in the worked pattern and cut them out later? I think they have me using these markers for when I will match up these sleeves to the body of sweater.

Second Question:

After above directions, pattern states:

Shape Raglan Cap: Dec Row (RS): K2, K3tog, k to last 5 sts, SSK3, k2…

CONFUSED about the SSK3. In this pattern I’ve done SSSK, but this one really throws me for a loop. If anyone knows how to do this one, please provide really, really simple directions for a newbie like me. I’d really appreciate it so very very much!

Thanks again for all the great help! I can’t believe I’m almost done knitting my very first project and it’s turning out sooooooooo lovely!
Lee Lee

it would seem that you do another sssk

You can get removeable yarn markers, or just thread some different colored yarn through the end stitches, or use a safety pin.