What are markers used for???

Markers can be used for a bunch of things.

  • In circular knitting, slip a marker on the needle to show the beginning of the round.
  • When I was a new knitter experimenting with different stitch patterns, I’d slip markers on the needles to know where one part of the pattern ended and the next began. For example, a simple basket stitch (k12, p12) could use markers between each set of 12 so you know when to switch without counting stitches everytime. I don’t do this anymore since now it’s easier for me to see and understand what the stitches looks like when a change is needed.
  • When casting on a lot of stitches you can slip a marker on the needle at regular intervals so you don’t have to count from the beginning every time to find out when all required stitches are on.
  • Markers with an open loop (or just a scrap of different yarn) can be put through stitches already knit to keep track of a point on a garment that will be important later on, like where the bottom of the sleeve should go.

I’m sure there are other uses, but these are the ones that came to mind.