Where do I put the marker on the DPN when I am knitting in the round with them? Any pointers on using DPN when knitting in the round? I am trying a a baby hat and I am starting to get frustrated. DPN are harder then circular needles.

Make the first stitch of your round either the last stitch on a needle or the second one and place your marker before it.

If you leave a tail, you’ll always know that it’s by the tail if it’s the first stitch on the needle. If not, you can tie a piece of yarn or use a locking clip/safety pin in the knitting somewhere.


Do what works for you, but it helps to be consistent once you develop your own marker-placement style. On dpns, I always put my marker two stitches from the end of the round (ie., right before the last two stitches on my last needle) [B]—or—[/B] if I have a pattern that repeats, even something like a simple 3X2 rib, I put the marker right before the last repeat (in the example given, five stitches from the end of the round).