Marisol mouse pattern - need help

Hi everyone,

Made one of these: for my daughter. The head didn’t come out too good but l thought because it’s my first one. Now made another and the head came out the same. So, l guess I’m missing something. Anyone else made this and having the same problem?


That’s cute. What’s happening with the head? Posting a picture would let us see what you mean.


The nose comes out too long and the head too small. I know l have wrong number of stitches on my needles (I’m knitting on round needles) but it is not clear how many l SHOULD have because it doesn’t say.

Can’t upload picture on my phone. But there is a picture of it on my link below.

I could alter the pattern myself next time. I just wondered if someone has got a better pattedn for it.

It does look like the head is smaller than the pattern shows but it’s still very cute.
The pattern increases 3 sts every inc row so you should have 6sts after row 1, 9sts after row 3, 12sts after 5, 15sts after 7, 18sts after 9 and finally 21 after row 11.
I wonder if going to a larger size needle for just the head wouldn’t be the easiest way to make the head bigger?

Thanks so much salmonmac! :muah:

That must be it.

Will try another one soon. (At least the new one I made looks just like its mate :teehee:)

Ok, just checked it (on paper) and I’m sure that’s what I [I]did[/I].

Will keep you posted on the thrid one. :knitting:

I looked at the projects for that pattern on Ravelry and yours is not the only one that seems to be almost right, but not quite. There are also comments and forum post regarding that pattern. You might want to check those out their might be a discussion on how to correct this. I look forward to seeing your next one.

If you really stuff the head and don’t overfill the nose, its not so long and pointy.
I found the body a bit small for the head, so I made up my own, a bit bigger, rounder.
I did a grey tail, and no nose so it looks less rat-like.
I also made slightly bigger ears and used black beads for the eyes.

knit with worsted weight slightly hairy wool, on #11 needles. he’s about
3" high.

Thanks GreenFuzzer,

Everyone on Ravelry seems to have made their mouse like I did.
There is a fault in the pattern. The ears are difficult too.

I’ve already made the second mouse’s head - which came out the same long-nose effect. But I’m keeping it.

On the third one I will improve the pattern!