I have Baby Cashmerino book 3 and am making cable tank top on page
46 in size 12-18 months. I have checked for mistakes on DB site but none shown however if you cast on 82 stitches for rib and follow the instructions for the increase row correctly you do not arrive at 102 stitches. Has anyone any ideas how to solve the problem and get the pattern running correctly. Or has anyone come accross this already?

Can you type in the instructions for the increase part and we can check out the math. Most patterns say to increase at [B]both[/B] ends of the row and many people overlook the both and think it’s just at one end.

Thanks have done the math and it still does not add up. There are 82 stitches and increase row is as folllows :k2, m1p,p2,m1p,k2,p2: to the end of the row. This means you add 16 stitches and you need 20 to come to 102 which the pattern says you should have. It is the size 12/18 months.


The pattern works out correctly with an increase of 20 sts. When you do the increase, m1p, increase by lifting the bar [I]between[/I] two sts. This won’t use one of the sts on the needle. This way you’ll have 10 repeats of 2 increases in each repeat (plus 2 edge sts, I assume). If you’d like to see a video of the increase, there’s one under Increases at the Free Videos tab at the top of this page.

The m1 inc don’t use a stitch like kfb, they add a stitch between 2 others.

Thanks so much. Took your advice and increased using the loop between stitches and problem solved. Really appreciate the help.