Man's Top Down Sweater In The Round?

I’m planning on knitting my first sweater before too much longer and I’d like to find a decent pattern so I can study it for a while before I buy the yarn and start on it.

What I am interested in is a turtleneck sort of pullover. An Irish style sweater, if you know what I mean. I’d like to knit it in the round, preferably top down.

Anyone know of any decent free pattern that would fit the bill, or a good guide for sweater design on the fly?’s summer 05 or 06 is all men’s knits, you might find something there. If you don’t find one that’s top down, go to’ and use that as a basis for any number of Aran stitch patterns.

should be knitty summer 05. i just made cargo (for babies) and that is the one that is all men.

I don’t think they have a turtleneck for men, but I love the top-down, knit-in-the-round simplicity of Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns:

Little to no seaming!

Sorry, didn’t read the word “free”, but I thought I’d throw that out to you anyway.

Thanks for the help. I think the knittingfool thing was exactly what I needed. I think just about any basic pullover can be made with a long, fold down neck, that seems like a small pattern adjustment to me.

You’re right. Most patterns are knit in a basic shape, the rest is just details.