Manos pooling?

Help!! I bought the most beautiful skein of Manos #109. I was so anxious to knit with it, that I forgot to take a picture! Anyways, I’m knitting myself a simple little fall / winter hat with it, but it is pooling in a vertical fashion the entire way up the hat. So I basically have a big block of a reds going up along a big block of greens. Any ideas how to prevent this, or change it? It’s not very appealing right now :frowning: , and I was imagining more of a horizontal striping.


Very often with yarns like that, they say to use two balls, alternating rows with each one, to prevent that kind of pooling.

Yikes, I only bought one, and that yarn store is no where near me now!! But since it’s Manos, with no dye lot, could I head to my LYS and grab another skein? Oh my, DH will kill me if I make myself a $30 hat (and have all of that left over!)

Hmm… maybe you could frog it (yikes), and rewind the yarn in to 2 different balls wrapped at opposite directions of the offending pooling colors? :thinking:

Yeah, that’s what I started to think about, somehow dividing the yarn. I really can’t see buying another skein for just a hat! I thought about knitting it flat, and then seaming, but ugh, a seamed hat…not that appealing!

I’m not a big fan of seamed hats, either…you can always alternate rounds instead of rows. :slight_smile:

I like the idea of dividing it in to, also! :thumbsup: