Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria

I just got this Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria in the mail from NobleKnits. It’s so beautiful and soft. Once I get some better chops I’m going to use it for a baby hat or two with crocheted turtles sewn on from the book Itty Bitty Hats. Has anyone ever knit with this yarn and how did it hold up after washing? I read a review of it that wasn’t wild about how it fared in the wash.

Oooo that’s pretty! I haven’t knit with it, but little hats would be adorable!

ooh looks so soft. It will look good as hats.

I have not used it myself but let us know how they turn out.

Rita :slight_smile:

I made some booties with it and knit some into the very first baby sweater I made.
During the booties it was falling apart in my hands, but in the sweater it was fine & the Mom said it was ok in the wash. (I don’t think she ever used the booties, they were kind of weird anyway.) She hand washed it, I think.

So in conclusion, mine was pretty fragile.
I still have a bunch I wanted to make a tank from, but every time I look at it I worry. I’d be interested to hear if yours holds up better!

I knit a dress for my daughter (3) with it. I enjoyed working with it. She enjoys wearing it. So far it is holding up fine.

i bought the orange manos for the very same hat in the very same book! neat.

i finished the hat last winter but i was so disappointed with how it turned out i just had to put it aside. the wavy nature of the yarns seems to have caused some inconsistancies in the gauge. ther are little gaps and loopies sticking out here and there. i wish i could say it adds to the character of the hat, but i’d be lying. i am a fairly new knitter, but i’ve done alot of hats in the round. the one i did in the manos looks pretty bad.

have you knitted it up yet?