'Manly' Herringbone Scarf Pattern

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any favourite ‘manly’ herringbone bone scarf patterns. I love the look of Henry from Knitty but I’ve heard it is a really long tedious knit and on size 3US needles. I have some serious issues with finishing things, so this seems like a large undertaking that might not materialize.

If anyone knows any patterns that are similar to this that may be quicker knits, or if anyone has knit Henry and thinks its not too bad, I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks so much.

My So Called Scarfcan be done in a solid or darker heather or tweedy yarn to make it more masculine. It uses larger needles and doesn’t take very long. That’s a slightly different herribone pattern, but you can also just take the basic stitch pattern, CO 20-30 sts if you want to knit it from short edge or 150 st to knit from the long edge. You could also do Henry in the same stitch pattern just with larger needles and heavier yarn and about half as many stitches. Here’s a neckwarmer pattern, that can be made longer.

I haven’t researched any herringbone-looking knit patterns, but now that I see yours, I like, I like!

I love to knit scarves and might be willing to do a knit-along with you, if it helps keep you going. I like to take pics as I progress, so I can keep up with you.

but does it need to be 8 inches wide? (as in shown pattern). I prefer 4 or 5 inch wide scarves, and shorter too. I only know jacket-wearers; nobody I know wears coats, so a long scarf would peek out the bottom.

My fav scarf size hangs just under the breast bone.

This is a shorter scarf, like a man’s dress scarf, and it’s knit on the long side, not the short side. But yeah, it doesn’t have to be 8" wide, could be 5 or 6".

A knit-along might be a great idea. I think I would have a lot better time getting it done if I had someone doing it too. I am a fairly slow knitter but the knit-along idea would be good for that too to help me make sure I put in the time to keep up.

I don’t mind thinner scarves but I do like them long. I figure if I’m going to do it I might as well just bit the bullet and go all out on it. The recipient of it is long scarf wearer too.

But if you do want to do a knit-along I’d be down for that. I’ll have to track down some yarn though. Any thoughts on what you think might be best? I looked on Ravelry and Malabrigo Sock Yarn knits up nicely in this pattern. Plus I think I can get that at my LYS. Any other ideas are welcome though!

Actually Woodi, I did find one other ‘mans’ scarf that I quite like that might be a bit less time consuming. Its this one.

I really like them both so if you want to do a knit along I’d do either one with you. Let me know which one you like the look of the best.

I made this scarf for my hubby - he likes it alothttp://www.ravelry.com/projects/margz3/staggered-rib-scarf

Thats a beautiful scarf. You did a great job on it. Now I have to decided between all of them…

After looking over all of them I think that Cercus is my favorite and thats the one I’ll go with. I’m pretty sure I could finish that one and it still looks very classy and distinguished.

Thanks everyone for all your help!!

I like that thick orange sample knit up there. I might make that - alas in a different color :wink:

sorry it took me so long to get back here, KelseyRae. I like the Cercus one too.
I don’t know if you were looking for a KAL partner, but sure…I’m without a project at the moment. I don’t have a 40" circ. needle right now, so will have to dash over to my fav LYS and get one. Perhaps I’ll find “just the right” yarn for this manly scarf too. It’s gorgeous!

do you have everything you need to get started? can you post pics as you go along? I’ll join you as soon as I can.

The more I’ve been thinking about this project the more I think that maybe I should leave it sit for a while. I already have a few things on the needles that I need to finish up with and lifes been a bit hectic recently. I think I’ll give it a go once I get a few things finished first.

Thanks for everything and sorry I can’t be a KAL partner right now. If you still make it I would love to see your pics as you go and hear how the whole thing plays out.

Woodi, you probably don’t need a circ that long, if you’ve got one that’s around 30" that will work fine.

I was thinking about making Manitou Passage Scarf for some of my brothers-in-law