Mango yarn

i want to make a sweater and it calls for recycled silk and capelli yarn. is there something else i can use instead of those yarns. please help thank you

It would help if we knew the weight and gauge of the yarn you want to replace. More info helps us help you when asking questions.

the gauge is ss 11 sts.=4" 13 rows i don’t see the weight on the pattern. its called basic cardigan on mango moon yarns. thanks for your help

Okay. Here’s the link for others to see.

The problem you’re going to have is that the yarn used has a very unique look. Most yarns you substitute won’t be the same and will make the whole sweater look different… I’ll see what I can find though.

thank you so much. can i add you to my freinds on ravelry. mine is amelda601 on rav thank you for your help

Of course! I did find a few patterns from Mango Moon that used the same yarn, but most people had only used the suggested one although a few did choose others.