Man scarf...?

Hi I’m new here so please forgive me if I’ve put this in the wrong section :oops:

I’ve taken up knitting just recently since it is winter and my boyfriends birthday is coming up soon. I have started knitting a scarf for him (it’s a surprise) but I’m not sure how long it is supposed to be. Are men’s scarves supposed to be shorter than women scarves? And how long would that be? I know it sort of varies but because it is a surprise for my bf I can’t ask him

Any opinions would be much appreciated :blush:
Thank you


This is a tricky one, since scarf length depends on the individual’s personal taste!! But I’d say “generally” that men’s scarves are shorter than women’s ones.

Something to check – does he have any other scarves he uses that you could measure? How about one from a friend of his (another guy)?? Some guys like to have their scarf hang around their neck and others like to wrap theirs around a couple of times.

I know – while the 2 of you are out somewhere together, just “happen” to stop in a store with scarves on display. Have him try one on and see how he wears it. Hopefully, this will give you some idea of the right length for him!!

Hope you figure it out soon!!!

Good question. I like the answer above. I came across something, somewhere, sometime that said a scarf should be about the same as the person’s height. In reality I keep going until a) I am sick of working on it, or b) I run out of yarn. In my experience, a handmade gift like the one you are working on will be so appreciated, you really can’t go wrong.

Totally a matter of taste and style.

For many guys a general rule of thumb would be length of scarf = height. 6 foot = 72 inches

For others - twice or 3 x neck circumfrence (just enough to go around and cross in front) (say 32 up to 48 inches)

And then some like them LONG… up to 2 x height.


As many have said, it’s really matter of taste. Most recommendations I’ve seen for both sexes is to go with making the scarf the same length as the person is tall.

But really, it kind of depends on how you want to wear the scarf, and how much of a “tail” or “hang” you think would look good on him.

Take heart that no one will be taking a ruler to your scarf, though! (Except for you yourself, lol). As long as it’s long enough to hang like you want it, it’s perfectly fine. (And, if anyone complains, well, they can make their own scarves then!)

Thank you so much guys! :muah: your answers were really helpful and reassuring. I do have an idea of what would look good on him and you’re right, I think he will appreciate it either way since I made it myself, lol.

Phew! lol :heart:

Much love,