Male need of a knitted blazer pattern.

I’m not certain if I’m posting to the correct section. My apologies if not, this is only my second post here. I love blazers and dress up for work. I would love to be able to knit a few blazers to add some homemade pizzaz to my wardrobe. I have tried and tried tirelessly to find a knitting pattern for a knitted sports coat or blazer but haven’t found anything. Any suggestions?

Hmm… I looked on Ravelry and found a few. Most of them were for women though and with the different shaping required for women I’m not sure the pattern can be transferred for men.

Hi! How about sweaters, with Pizazz? "Bison [cardigan] : Mary Maxim Double Knitting picture-graph pattern, adult sizes 38-40-42-44 Or “Prairie prancers, men’s 4 ply cardigan sizes 38-40-42-44 : graph-style knitting pattern [for] Northland Wool” : AND one with a Football motif! "Football, men’s 4 ply cardigan, sizes 38-40-42-44 : graph-style knitting pattern " American Football, that is. Cool! a guy knitter!! I was watching a thing on TV about our local senior center here in Arizona, and they did an interview with an older black man who was busy using a Knifty Knitter loom :slight_smile: it was so cute.
Hope these patterns help, and the best part is they are FREeEEEEE! On the side of the page there are several options on which files to download, choose the PDF so you can print it out (obviously) I can’t read patterns from online instructions, too hard. I have to use paper patterns. I know these aren’t blazers, but sweaters or cardigans, but it’s something.