OK…your discussion of how awesome Malabrigo is has made me want to purchase some! I was just looking at in on WEBS and it is $12.00 a skein for 215 yards. If I was thinking of an adult sweater or maybe a shawl, what would you guess would be needed for yardage (I’m just looking for a general idea)? I would usually wear an XL sweater. OR I could do a sweater for my son (boys L)-- hopefully to be done in time for school pics in the fall :thinking:

How broke will I be??!

This might give you an idea…She used 6 skiens

4.5mm 32" and 47" Addi Turbos? You mean at some point I have to get these size of Addi’s? I’d better do some shopping soon…

Thanks for the info! That sweater is gorgeous :drooling: I’m allergic to wool :frowning: , but I’ve since been advised that I might have a problem with one type of wool and not another. After reading about the softness of Malabrigo, I’m inclined to try it…but it would be a lot of money to spend only to find out I can’t wear the sweater :shock: I suppose it would become a very nice gift for someone :wink: !

BTW, what is the US size of 4.5mm?

They are US 7s!

I hope you can use the Malabrigo it is SOOOO dreamy and wonderful! I’d say if you find out you can’t wear it (test it on your skin before knitting) don’t get rid of it - felt bags and such for yourself - it felts beautifully! Of course I’m hoping you can wear it because it would be COZY!

I plan to buy some of this wonderful yarn when I’m at my LYS next visit. I just looked on line and it has her shop as selling it. I’ll give it a try too.

You could always buy one skein and knit a scarf like this one:

To see if you like it and if it produces an allergic reaction. :slight_smile: