MalAbrigo---where can I get?

Well all of you gals seem to be knitting with this and I am just wondering what website is best to get it at. I don’t have a store that sells it around me. Also, what projects is it best sutible for? Thanks!


i got mine from Lambikins. This is Kemp’s lys, I ordered on her recommendation and I, too, highly recommend them :cheering:

You can also get it from Webs at - they have it for $12 a skein.

I’ve ordered it from Knit2Purl2 at - she has it for $11.50 a skein and ships very very quickly.

You’ll LOVE it!!

I go to Personal Threads! :happydance:

I’ve bought mine from Yarnzilla. They have an amazing selection!

Thanks ladies…I appreciate it. Now, I will have to find a project and then buy it! :teehee: