Making your own blocking board

Hi, I am looking for instructions on how to make your own blocking board? Somewhere in my surfing the net on knitting I did come across some, but can’t seem to find them now. Any help would be great! Thanks! :knitting:

Here’s a few links I found:

instructions n making your own blocking board toward the bottom of this page:

Great!! Thank you so much for your help!! I am finshing my first major project and I am going to need to block this very soon! Thanks again, :knitting:

I’ve always done this by either using my mother’s ironing board [she finally got mad and told me to quit getting it wet] or by the following:

Find a square piece of plywood, about 2’ by 2’ [or bigger] by half-an-ince thick or more. Grab 3 towels and a handful of tacks. Nail those towels across one surface. Nail down one side, go to the opposite side and pull the towels tight, nail along that side. Then repeat for the other 2 sides.

Presto! one blocking board. The one I have I’ve used for over 10 years to block both doilies and numerous knitted projects.

Hope this helps,

I bought a really big bulletin board at Wal-Mart and some t-pins and that is what I use to block; or I just wash it by hand and lay it out flat on a folded towel.

JIC- if you wanted something easier.