Making up jumper


I’m at the stage of making up my jumper and have a question about how to seam the sides of this jumper as it doesn’t instruct a particular way to do this. As shown in the photo the pattern has lines going up on both the front and back. The edges of the back and front I’m joining are these side lines. I’m not sure if I should mattress stitch the sides so the join is just continuous knit stitch or if I should try and maintain the line pattern however I don’t really know how to seam this neatly? Any ideas or what would you do?

Thanks for your helpUploading: 37931937-2BAC-4E5D-8814-20E080444FA8.jpeg…

Your sweater is gorgeous! Love the pattern stitch. Can you give us the name of the pattern please?

You could try mattress stitch for garter stitch to seam. The edges have smiles (the upward curve sts) and umbrellas (the downward curve sts).

Hi. Thanks for your reply. The pattern is Sidar 3948. The video makes sense for seaming garter stitch however I’m trying to see if there is a way to seam both edges so it’s the same width as the other garter stitch lines in the jumper. If I seamed it like the video these sections would be twice as wide and might look a bit odd compared to the others?

You could use the same technique but seam one stitch in from each edge. That’ll look more like the other columns in the sweater. Or you could seam an edge on one side to a column one stitch in on the other side. Try it out on a couple of small swatches just to test out the seam’s appearance.
I don’t think that a wider seam at the sides would be unusual. It would mark the joins at the sides. But it’s up to you to have the seam you envision. It’s going to be lovely either way.
Thanks for the pattern information!

Are the columns in the garment made up of two stitches wide of garter stitch?

And are there two stitches of garter at each edge?

In that case, if you seam the edges using up one stitch from each side, you will end up with what looks like a two-stitch wide garter column, the same as the body.

Two stitches on one selvedge minus one stitch going into seam equals one stitch showing, plus the same on the other side.

The video salmonmac linked to shows seaming done right on the edge, I think, but you should be able to seam slightly in from the edge (this may be a smile or a frown). Practising on a swatch will help you to find the right place in your knitting to insert your needle.

I have done something similar before. It took a few practice runs but eventually I found the right spot. In garter, it’s a bit hard to tell what bit exactly is going to disappear into the seam until you try it!

Being able to refer to a swatch with a bright contrasting yarn helped me to keep on track when doing the real thing.

Lovely jumper!

Thank you for your reply. Yes It is two stitches of garter on both the jumper and the edges that I’m joining. I’ve eventually worked out a way of doing it which looks like the others and I’m happy with! It took a while though if testing different ways! I did something similar to what you explained and instead of just going into the outside stitch on both sides, on one side I went to the first one and last one on other side. There might be a better way but it looks just the same on the outside. Thanks again for your reply and help.