Making stitch markers on a limited budget

Has any one made their own stitch markers? I need quite a few when I start the sweater for my son , has many complicated pattern stitches. So I will need different colors or shapes to tell each pattern stitch from the others.
What items did you use to make your stitch markers?

The simplest (and free) way to make stitch markers is to use a different-colored strand of yarn and tie it on the needle, slipping it when you come to it. No muss, no fuss.:thumbsup:

Something I have used lately is little (tiny) rubber bands in assorted colors.

like these

Or for small needles the rubber bands for braces like these, I got some free from a friend whose daughter wears braces.

I’ve heard that some people use drinking straws cut up into small pieces. Cheap, and no worries if you lose them.

I’ve also heard of soda pop can pull-tabs. I like to make them, but they’re all falling apart, so I won’t go into detail on mine :teehee:


I got the cut up straws idea on here, and I LOVE them. They’re way better than the kind you buy anyway, because they’re kind of flexible and easier to work with. I’m making an Adamas shawl and using a ton of stitch markers. Plus if you have to cut one off, who cares. A whole pile of stitch markers is like, a penny.

I htink the pull tabs might snag on your yarn or scratch needles. Almost anything small and round and smooth will do the job, though.

Great ideas everyone!

You can also pin a safety pin onto a stitch to hold your place - that’s an easy one.

If you want to make decorative ones, I do that all the time. It’s super easy and doesn’t have to cost much at all. Here’s the tutorial I first learned from: - good luck!

polymer clay is a good tool…if you buy a small cookie- cutter circle you can make rings out of it. Just press the cookie cutter in the clay…Clay is on sale at michael’s this week if it’s close to you. You can also make needle covers with em.

i like colored cotton thread–DMC sells 10 skeins (each 10 yards) of ‘crafters cotton’ (#10 pearl cotton) --it can be found in big box stores (ACMoore, Michaels, etc) for about $3–many colors, and cheap.

i also use the plastic rings from my electric toothbrush–

you can also buy sheets of shrinky-dinks and make your own…

or buy/use polymer clay (the kind that dries flexible is useful!)

as for straws, some places have thicker straws than other places–(the kind for bubble ice tea (ice tea with bubbles of tapioca) ) are especially big.

coil-less safety pins are good markers too (and in a pinch, even a paperclip will work!)

earings (especially the 'french back/hinged style") can and are used too.

once you begin to think about it… you’ll find stitch/place markers everywhere.

  1. If you’re looking for cheap and lying around the house, then I’d go with the drinking straws or other yarn colors.
  2. If you’re looking for asthetics, then I’d go with the wormspit link on how to make your own.
  3. BUT-- if you’re looking for great stitch markers which are flexible, ultra-thin so they don’t interfere with your stitches, and brightly colored to boot so that they are easy to see and mark off different sections in a pattern, IMHO you just can’t beat the thing that was made for it in the first place. A set of these and these and for under $11 you’re set for life.

The yarnmarkers didn’t work for me , they kept getting untied. The yarn didn’t hold a knot. The soda straw is not a good idea for me I have a grandson that likes to play with straws and he likes to chew on them. I found that wormspit site after I googled making stitch markers. I bookmarked it so I can refer back to it when I make mine. Have not been able to find coiless saftey pins since there are not many places here in my town that carry quiliting or knitting supplies.
Earrings aren’t a good idea since the grandson has a problem with taking things like jewelry that doesn’t belong to him. He took his mother’s rings and gave them to a girl at school. Not to mention I don’t wear earrings since the grandson pulled my earring through my earlobe and split the earlobe when he was a baby. I had pierced ears and haven’t worn any earrings since that happened.
I get paid tomorrow so I will be able to purchase some jewelry findings and beads to make my own stitch markers.

Soda can tabs aren’t a good idea because of the sharp edges, I would get cut for sure and then ruin the article I am working on with my blood.

i never got on with yarn either, i got in a real mess with it.

i paid 99p for a bag of plastic rings when i was placing an order at a yarn store. i guess you could use washers as well if your other half/dad or someone has any laying about you could re home (i wish i’d thought of that before i bought mine :teehee: ).

The Boye Cabone rings are my favorite stitch marker. So easy to use, and CHEAP.

Those are the exact same markers I havve on my circular needle I am knitting the afghan on. They leave a hole every where I have them. They are too thick and Itoo big for the needle . I like a stitch marker a little closer to the size of the needle

That’s why I started using the tiny rubberbands

They come in different sizes. I use the tiny ones for small needles, and the larger ones for big needles. :wink: There are no holes in my knitting.

I haven’t been able to find the really small rings like those stitch markers. Every store I have been to in my area the very smallest size is always sold out. That is why I am going to purchase materials to make my own.

Well my hubby took me to JoAnns earlier this evening, I used to work at that store about 8 years ago. Wewll I walked in and I was lost. They had completely rearranged the layout of the store so it took me several minutes to find the aisle that had the knitting supplies. Once I found it I found that they had the little flat rings I have used and liked but the ones you recommended from Clover were a little too pricey for me. I only had alimited amount of funds to use since my first paycheck of the school year was only about half of a normal two week pay period. But once I get a full paycheck I will go back and get them along with a book or two I saw while there.

Sounds like a plan! :slight_smile: