Making my ribbing to st st a little more invisible

So I’m knitting a cowl for my mother. She asked for something simple to help keep her warm. Its a very simple 2x2 rib, then stockinette, then back to 2x2 rib. The problem that I am having is that the purl areas leading into the stockinette just look abrupt.

Is there any way to make this more invisible.

Sounds like that’s just the nature of the pattern you’re working. Once she has it on and it’s all scrunched up it won’t look so obvious.

Or do a 3 X 1 rib, instead. Much more of the knits show than the purls in that design.

If you use a smaller needle for the ribbing it can help, and if you did, then knit the first round of stockinette with the smaller size, or just knit the last round of ribbing with a smaller needle. Same thing going back to the ribbing from stockinette.

Nothing will make it invisible, but… I knew this link would come in handy one day! :lol: I haven’t tried this myself so let us know how it works for you.

Yay…I knew there’d be a way to do this. It worked out fantastically. Although, my partner can’t tell the difference. I showed it to him and he says it looks the same to him, but I can tell the difference. And thats what really matters.

Thanks Jan for the link…I will try this on my baby hat that I;m knitting:cheering:

Ok. So I know that I responded to this already, but I really want to try to explain what this did.

This was a very interesting way to work this out. I didn’t bother to frog the entire thing just to change a line in the beginning, however I used the technique on the other side when I went back to ribbing from the stockinette.

So essentially what this ended up looking like is almost a slide into the RS knits and the RS purls don’t look out of place. I’ve attached two pictures. In the first picture you’ll see how its very obvious that the ribbing has stopped and the stockinette has begun. In the second picture though, you can see that it almost slides from the stockinette back to the ribbing.

Blah. I hate it when words are failing me. The pictures aren’t the greatest, so its hard to see the difference, but when I look at them on the actual cowl its a really noticeable difference. One that I like btw.

Thanks for the info. I’m glad it worked and I’ll give it a try on my next ribbing-stockinette or stockinette-ribbing project. :thumbsup: