Making my own needles

Can anyone tell me what size dowel makes a size 19 knitting needle?

size 19 is 15mm.

15mm is is about .59 inches.

a good knitting needle chart is at it will tell you sizes in mm.

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Yes, 0.59 inches and that’s the diameter of the dowel you’ll need.

Thank you for the reply, I will look at those links. If I were to put a dime, nickle, or quarter on the end of the dowel, which would be the closest do ya think?

A dime is about 17.9mm so that’s just a little bigger than the diameter you need. Smoothing down with sandpaper might just do it.

Fantastic! Thank you. It would be wise of me I suppose to learn more about measurements…the humor of a new knitter.

I think a 5/8" dowel will give you what you want once you sand it down. A 9/16 would be just a hair too small, I think. Ah, here…

15 mm is 19/32", 5/8"=20/32", so by the time you get your dowel sanded smooth and waxed it should be just right.