Making my own Eyelash or Fun Fur yarn?

Please pardon this question from a complete novice in the world of knitting. A while back, I posed about using Eyelash, or Fun Fur yarn in a knitting machine, for the purpose of costume and puppet making. I found that the machines handle this type of yarn very well. However, both the cost, and availability of colors was an issue. [See Checking viability of very large gauge fur-like knitting machine ]

Being underemployed right now, tends to get me trying to invent new things. I wonder if it is possible to make your own eyelash, or fun-fur type of yarn.

I’ve made wigs for puppets by wrapping yarn around a flat piece of cardboard that had 1st been wrapped in wax paper. Then after sliding the cardboard out, I sew along one of the sides, and then finally just cut the loops along the other side, to make something that is roughly comparable to eyelash yarn. This is,a wig "weft’. It is not something that could be knit.

At least some manufacturing techniques for fake fur fabric seem to work by incorporating a very large loop of the fur thread, and then later cutting it. Is there a knitting technique, that could be done on a machine, and which incorporate this sort of very large loop?

I’ve seen small knitting machine with 4 needles that, that do something known by various names, like “i-cord” and “hollow tube”. I wonder if something like this could be adapted to somehow incorporate a large loop that later gets cut.

I realize I am speculating in a field where I know almost nothing. My efforts to educate myself on this have failed since my search terms come up with a lot advice about how to use eyelash yarn to make something, and not about making eyelash yarn. So, perhaps there are some special terms that I need to know about the kind of knit needed, so I can do a good search.

Thanks for any advice,

There may well be but I’m not aware of such a technique in knitting, hand or machine. Maybe @MK_er would be able to help?

The I cord machine does best with smaller yarns like sport weight. I don’t think that you could weave in the home made eye lash yarn. However, you could weave the home made eye lash yarn into the knitting of either the mid gauge or bulky machine. You might even be able to do the same on the Innovation or Addi machines that knit in the round. The technique is known as knit weaving.