Making my first sweater! Have Questions


I am making my first sweater (after my first scarf) and I am trying to decipher the instructions (which are suppose to be very easy). It is a top down sweater with the body done as one piece. The pattern is from “Fitted Knits” “Cozy V-Neck Pullover” and I will scan a picture of it when I can. In my opinion it appears to be the perfect every day sweater. O.k., my first question:

  1. Instructions are: Cast on 48 sts (circular needles) do not join. My question is, does “do not join” mean that I flip the yarn around like I am straight needles or something else? This is a V-neck so perhaps this is the V part?


I am sure this is the first of many.


Yes – they’re saying, do not join the first and last stitches to make a circle. You’ll likely just turn the knitting around so that the left hand needle once again has all of the stitches on it. (Just pretend that the tips aren’t connected to the cable.)

Not sure which part of the sweater it’s on as I don’t know the pattern!

yes, if it is not joined into a circle then you will knit it flat just as if it was on regular needles, turning your work at the end of every row.

I agree with both responses. And if you’re wondering why you have to knit on circular kneedles, my guess, without looking at the pattern, is that eventually you’ll start adding stitches and the circular ones can accommodate more than straight needles (unless you get those super super long ones that are hard to manage).

Yes, thank-you the sweater is joined later on. The first row is the “Raglan set-up row” here are my questions (thanks):

  1. Raglan set-up row (WS): does the WS mean I start on the wrong side? Do I have to cast-on differently then? I did a long-tail cast-on and it appears that the right side is ready to knit.

  2. p1, place marker: I assume this means purl one stitch and place a marker as it goes on to p8 and p30 placing markers.



(aside) I saw Fitted Knits at the bookstore yesterday, but didn’t get it because most things in it don’t flatter my body shape.

  1. Yes, that means you should be on the wrong side. Does the pattern specify a cast on? If I recall correctly, the mechanics of the long-tail put a row on your needles to start with - but I’m not advanced enough to really tell the difference yet.

  2. Exactly right! Raglan set-up row sets the markers to dictate where the raglan increases go. In my experience (disclaimer - I’m on my second raglan sweater) raglan increases are on either side of the markers, and it’s easier if they’re already in place before starting.

It’s just giving you information that the first row of the setup will be a WS row that’s all. Yes, you place the markers so you’ll know where to increase. The next row may say, knit to stitch before marker, inc - or something like that.

thanks, so it says to cast on 48 stitchs and then place markers at, p1 place, p8, place, p30 place, p8 place, p1 place. The weird thing about this is that by the time I get to the second to last place purl 8, I am one stitch from the end. This means my last p1 would be at the end so I would be doing increases in the last 2 stitches of my garment. Am I counting this wrong? I p1, then placed a marker and then purled 8 and placed a marker, should it have been not 8 more stitches but the 8th stitch from the end?

The way I did it I have markers after 1st stitch, 9th stitch, 40th stitch, 47th and at 48

Should I have markers after 1st, 8th, 30th, 38th, 39th?


No, the first marker is 1 st in from that end - P1, place marker, then you did the p8. The single sts are the fronts, the p8 sts are for the sleeves and the 30 sts are the back, so they have to equal each other. When you do the increases, you do them at the markers, also the markers by the end sts. This will make a V neck, so just follow the patter for where to place them or you’re going to be waaaaaaayyyy off.

thanks that helped! I now have it joined and am have tried the K2 P2 ribbing. So far this has not gone well. Does anyone know of some tricks to keep track of this? I take it if I mess up somewhere things will no longer line up and I will not have ribbing but a bunch of bumps. I tried a couple of rows but it just looked a mess so I frogged (first time using that word lol) it out. Any insights in how to get through a bunch of ribbing would be useful.


For ribbing, you knit the sts that look like knits on the row you’re doing, and purl the ones that look like purls. Same thing for knitting in the round. Ribbing also takes several rows before it looks like something besides a bunch of bumps. There’s a video for ribbing on the Tips page under Basic Stitches; just remember to move the yarn between the needle tips instead of over them.

So I have gone around once and now I have four knit stitches in a row? Do I have the wrong number of stitches on my sweater or does it alternate each row, i.e. I purl on top of my knit stitches? My guess is that I have the wrong number of stitches around, does anyone have any suggestions on what to do, I can’t pull it out now, I have come too far. (I am knitting in the round if that makes a difference).


Go back over your stitches from the beginning and see that you did them k2, p2 without doing 4 ks or 4 ps. You should have a multiple of 4 sts, which if you have 48 it’s right.

Don’t get disheartened! Get it right though, because this garment is the BIG learning curve and just about anything you attempt after will not be as difficult as this first one. Patience, patience, patience. Suddenly all will come right!!!