Making Fringe

I kinda screwed up the beginning of my scarf and was wondering if its possible to make fringe? If so, how do I do it?? :help:


Cut strands of yarn double the length of your desired fringe length. So if you want your fringe to be 4" long, make your strands 8" long. Fold several lengths held together in half and use a crochet hook to pull the strands through the edge of your scarf by pulling the fold in the strands through the edge of your knitting. Then pull the ends of the fringe through the ‘loop’ at the fold and pull to tighten it. Space your fringe at whatever interval you want and then trim the fringe neatly when finished.

Thanks so much for replying…but :wall: :wall:

I’m with you until this part

I can picture doing it until this part…sorry :oops:

I understand the pulling the fringe through the holes of the scarf, but how do I end up with something to tighten them?? :?? :??

I’m sure I just overthinking this, bad habit of mine. :teehee:


That’s great, brendajos, thanks for clarifying! :smiley: