Making Cardigan--difficult instructions

Problem solved.

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What pattern are you following? Can you give us a pattern name or a link to it?
It’s likely that you keep repeating the cable pattern until you get to the given length, 17" and then continue the pattern as you shape the raglan. Seeing the pattern will help.
Don’t repeat the first 3 instructions for the raglan across the row. The cable panel probably continues while the raglan decreases are happening at the edges.

Very good looking aran cardigan. Yes, the moss stitch and cable panel continue between the indicated decreases at the edges.
Would you please delete all but the photo and page 3 of the pattern? We can run into copyright problems if large portions of a pattern are given on the forum. Many thanks and enjoy finishing the sweater.

Deleted entire message. Thanks for the help.

Why did you delete your message? We leave them on the server so if someone else needs help w ith the same thing they can search and find info.

Hi, Jan,

A member of your staff asked me to delete the pictures because it was not my pattern. It was one I had bought. I could not figure out how to delete the pictures by themselves.

Oh I see. Yes, there are copyright issues with posting whole patterns, even free ones. Thanks for letting me know.

I did not post the entire pattern; the entire pattern is 8 pages long.

When you have a pattern it’s best to just post a few lines where you’re having problems and post a link if possible. Just seeing the pattern can help.

The forum owners got in trouble with a pattern designer once for posting a pattern so we are extra cautious. You may see a pattern here or there in here. We try to catch them all, but it’s difficult sometimes. :wink: