Making Button holes for Baby Link outfit

Hello. I am making the Legend of Baby Link outfit and I am a bit confused about how to make button holes on the overlapping part of the placket.
Linkto PDF pattern.

I’m working 6 stitches in the garter stitch and every 6th row I’m supposed to make a button hole.

[B]Step 7 Make a buttonhole on the overlapping part of the placket, every 6 rows as follows: when you reach the 6 stitches forming the overlapping button placket, k2, k2tog twice, k2. When you get to the gap on the following row, CO 2 using the backward loop method.[/B]

I guess I’m confused by what it means to k2tog twice. I was thinking it meant to knit 2 stitches together and then to knit the next 2 stitches together. But then I’d be at the end of my 6 stitch placket without 2 additional stitches to knit. It does seem like I’m supposed to decrease by 2 stitches, since I cast 2 on again in the next row.

Any ideas?

You got further than I did in this set of instructions. :eyes: She lost me

You will now be working back and forth, not in the round
Step 3 (RS) Starting on a RS row, k15, p6, turn.
Step 4 (WS) Purl all stitches.
Step 5 (RS) To create the overlap for the button placket, pick up the loops on the right side from the 6 stitches you purled in step 3. The 12 stitches (6 on each side) forming the button placket should be worked in garter stitch.

in step 5. I totally don’t get what she is doing here to form an overlapping placket that you are knitting all at once? :??

Oh, yeah, and I don’t understand the part you pointed out about the K2tog twice. It’s a cute pattern, but if it is all written like this I’m afraid I’d be out of luck. It may be just me, but it seems it is lacking somewhat in the way of clear explanation.

Maybe someone will come on board who can help you out. I hope so.

I’m not sure I’d make the buttonhole this way. But here is what is happening. You are decreasing 2 stitches by “k2tog twice” on the bottom of the buttonhole. Next row, above it, you cast on 2 stitches. So the count stays the same. This will make a circular hole, similar to what it looks like if you accidentally drop 2 stitches.

Abby, that helped. I have never heard of making a buttonhole by doing K2tog twice, but I guess it would work.

sassybunny, a little more clarification on how to make a buttonhole that way… You know how you often make a buttonhole by binding off 2 stitches and then on the next row you cast them back on? Well, this is the same idea, but to get rid of the 2 stitches, instead of binding off they just k2tog 2 times, then on the next row right between, or centered over the middle of the two k2togs you cast the 2 stitches back on.

So now I see how they might be intending to make a buttonhole, but nothing else is any clearer. :lol:

I see what you mean about the 6 stitches. Must be an error. You should either-

k, k2tog, k2tog, k=6 start stitches. Increase 2 above. Makes a big hole.


k2, k2tog, k2=6stitches. Increase one stitch above. Makes an eyelet. Would probably look better worked as
k2, yo, k2tog, k2=6stitches. YO makes stitch above. No cast needed.

Not feeling the love on this pattern.

I actually had this same problem (with creating the over lapping placket) and found that someone had asked a similar question on the ravelry forums. I’ll PM you the link.

Basically, the 6 stitches you purled in step 3 have created 6 little bumps on the right side of your otherwise flat stockinette stitch.

You pick up those 6 little bumps and put them on your other needle and work them as stitches.

It took me some experimenting to feel confident that what I was doing was right. Once you’ve put those little bumps on the other needle (needle holding the left back part of the tunic), you can kind of see what will happen when you work them a few rows. The 6 bump stitches are now on the needle holding the work that will eventually be the back left side of the tunic. And those 6 bumps are now in front of/overlapping the original 6 on the other side.