Making blanket

im making a blanket for my baby and ive searched everywhere and cant find a how to do this sticch ywfd and im making a butterfly blanket but doesent tell me how many to cast on it just says

panel pat: (worked over 31 st) what does that mean please help so i can get started in nesting stage and need something to do:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

Hi Welcome to KH.

I think, how I read it, the 31 stitches is the pattern. If you want to repeat the pattern say 3 times you cast on 93 stitches plus any border stitches like 3-4 stitches each side for a gather stitch border. how many stitches you cast on depends on how thick your yarn is.

Are you on Ravelry, look up baby blankets and see what other people have done. or use, there will be different patterns on there. I think for a DK/sportsweight like lion brand microspun you would cast on something in the region of 120 stitches.

Hope this helps, maybe somebody else will have more advice for you. show you progress and we all love baby pictures with lovely cuddly blankets.

oh ok ty so much got 2 more for you what is yfwd and on to next part of pattern it says cast on 153 do not join. working back and forth across needle
,what does that mean

yfwd is yarn forward. is it a lacy pattern or holey yarn forward is can be like a yarn over which is usually followed by a k2tog or ssk.

153 stitches I am guessing is how wide the blanket is in total. then work as pattern specify.

is this a UK or US pattern? some of the terminology is different. There are videos of different stitches on this site and also on you tube. worth watching. if on You Tube type in search for the knitted stitch you are having trouble with and you usually come up with a few different videos of how it is done depending on how you knit. Continental or English.

working back and forth just means that you work the front then turn your work around and go back the other way.

Sounds like quite a complicated blanket! Especially for a baby blanket. You might want to keep in mind that loose sts such as yarn-forward, yarn-over, etc. can get caught in tiny little fingers that often wiggle into the oddest places.

Are you using smaller-sized needles? This would reduce the size of stitches and lacy holey-things.

I think, if I were you, I’d consider a less complicated pattern. Save your lovely butterfly blanket for your baby’s 5th birthday.

Just my thoughts,

Hi! :waving:

If you’re looking for a simpler, yet beautiful blanket, check out Lion Brand’s website for free patterns for baby blankets. They have one that is knitted on the diagonal with a pretty lacy border that’s easy to do. It’s the “Grandmother’s Favorite” dishcloth pattern only made larger for a blanket.

I’ve made the pattern before, and a smaller hooded baby wrap that matched it for our first great grandchild last year, and our granddaughter was thrilled.

Good luck! Let us know how it’s going!

Ruthie :hug:

Yes, this is the diagonal baby blanket. Very easy.

The yfwd is the same as a YO, it doesn’t leave a hole if you knit it through the back loop which closes it up. Your pattern is 153 sts to start and the stitch patter it used take 31 sts, which is repeated across several times, with other sts for the edged and maybe in between the butterfly stitch panels.

Doesn’t look like anyone has addressed the rest of your second question: “Cast on 153 do not join, working back and forth across needle”

It appears the pattern calls for circular needles. This line of instruction means you cast your 153 sts onto those circular needles, but do not join them. You are not going to knit the blanket in the round. Instead you will be “working back and forth” as if you were on straight needles.

Good luck!

thank you all for your help