making bind off for decorative edging uniform in appearance

Fixing to start the new symmetrical hitchhiker scarf and would like to make the “teeth” as uniform looking as possible.
anyone have any tips or tricks to accomplish this?
thank you

Wow, look at how many projects have been posted on Ravelry for this very good looking scarf.

I haven’t made it and don’t have the pattern. I wonder though if slipping the first stitch of the row especially at the saw-tooth edge would help give you a smoother edging?

This is the new pattern Hitchhiker Beyond that I am talking about, but you can’t slip the first stitch as some of them are purl. thank you though for your reply

There are always people at my LYS who are knitting that pattern! :dizzy_face:

I hadn’t heard of Hitchhiker Beyond. There are a lot of comments and forum posts and quite a few projects so maybe you can find someone who has knit it who knows.