Making bag, what type of yarn would you suggest?

i made a middle size bag and i didn’t realize that the yarn is kind of elastic. so when i fill my bag with things, it’s like stretched…

it’s ok actually for that bag but next time, i want to make [B]a big market bag[/B]. i want to use it to carry things i buy in supermarket.
So, i will need a strong bag.

i’m a newbie here, so not much of type of yarn that i’ve tried.
So, would you suggest me [B]the type of yarn that suits my next project?[/B]

i’m thinking of bulky but i don’t know this type of yarn (i’m living in a country where knitting is not too popular here, so i haven’t seen this type of yarn before)…whether it’s elastic too or not, since the yarn i used for middle size bag is not thin (i use may be 6mm needle (i forgot:rollseyes:)to make it)…

and what about felting? does it bring bag i need to become stronger to carry a lot of things?
what type of yarn that suits for felting? i mean, wool, cotton, or what?
and if you have any good and clear source about felting, please give me the link.

A felted bag will be very strong. Only animal fibers will felt–100% wool is best. When something felts, though, it also shrinks; so if you want a big bag, it will be huge to start with.

If you were to make a bag with cotton–something like Sugar & Cream, I’d think that would work. You could even double the strands to make it extra strong.

and you could line your stretchy bag with material to help it keep its shape. If you are going to use a felted bag for heavy groceries you might want to line it too. Double stranded sugar n cream would be nice and sturdy. and if it did stretch, it would go back to shape in the wash.

I’ve done bags with crafting cotton (akin to Sn’C or Peaches & Creme). They’re sturdy but do stretch a bit. Depending on the pattern, if it’s a very loose stitch (a la ‘market bag’) the idea is to have it stretch so attempting to line it is somewhat futile as the woven fabric won’t stretch with the bag unless the bottom of the woven fabric is extended to allow for max stretch of the knit piece. There are nylon yarns (crochet threads) that work great for bags. There’s a relatively new yarn called Jelly, as I recall. It’s been shown worked up in beach bags/totes.