Making Baby pants

I have no idea how to do this part.

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What is the name of your pattern?
@OffJumpsJack or @felicityjg or @Snowfleas Can you help out please?

I got the pattern here

“Slip stitch for 7 sts from center back”

In crochet you have three options of where to place your hook when working into a stitch: under the front loop only, under the back loop only, or under both loops.

You will make a simple chain stitch that is connected to the next stitch.

For this sl st I recommend inserting under the back loop only for a better aligned, flatter sl st appearance.

With one loop on your hook, insert the hook under the back loop only of the next stitch, catch the yarn and draw it through the stitch and the loop. One Sl st complete. It should look like a kniting V right tight over the stitch in the previous row. Repeat these steps 6 more times for 7 sl st in next 7 sts past center.

I am writing from memory of what I think I remember it looking like. I’ll look for a video now in case I got it wrong or my meaning isn’t clear.

I’m not sure if it wants me to ss from the centre of the row. I have 60 stitches on a 3" wide band that is supposed to make up the waistband of the baby pants as in the picture. I’m not sure where to insert the hook to start the slip stitch because I’m not entirely sure what part of the little pants I’m starting to make. ie leg holes, butt.

Still need help

Hi @OffJumpsJack It seems that the problem is where to work the single crochet sts in the sense of where in the pattern for the pants are we? Are the slipped sts the opening for the legs? What about the second leg?
The pattern is free and linked to the Ravelry page which Tracey_Burke gave in post #3.

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The link above was for a go home outfit with this picture.

No pants there. :thinking: :disappointed_relieved:

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After reading the whole pattern it appears that the waistband is eventually joined in the center back (in the finishing). So slst 7 from the end, sc 14 and turn. You will work the center 14 back and forth from there (out of 60 sts). Make sense?

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I’m sorry, I’m not understanding. I have the three inch band in the picture I posted above (I’m sorry, it’s upside-down). I can’t picture where to insert my hook to start the ss as the pattern kind of indicates that I’m supposed to start in the centre of the back. I can’t picture what part of the pants I’m making. Just added a diagram

Ah, well it is right from the last stitch you worked. That edge will be [seamed] to the other [edge] later when you do the finishing [to form the center back seam.]

[Edits shown in square brackets]

So I slip stitch UNTIL I get to "7 stitches from centre back. In other words, I slip stitch 23 times?

Hold on, I think the pants instructions leave out when to seam the waist band together!

Here is a drawing of where you are and what it says to do.
You are at the end of the row that completed 3 inches from the waistband.
(I show an orange hook) As noted in the picture this edge will become the center back.

Because it says to slip stitch 7 then to chain one and SC 14 I suspect you are using the fist sl st to join and then turning before you chain 1 and sc 14
[Redrawn image]

The red dots represent the Slip stitch for 7 stitches from center back,(blue arrow.)

(Blue ovals are the chain stitches and each blue X is a SC, each red X is SC2Tog)
It then makes sense to SC 14 across the center back (opening for easy changing?)
The instructions read as follows:

Slip stitch for 7 stitches from center back,

Chain 1, sc across 14 stitches for 7 rows.

Next Row: SC first two stitches together, sc across, sc last two stitches together.
Next Row: Repeat last row.

Next 4 Rows: SC

Next Row: Work 2 SC’s in first stitch, sc across, work 2 SC’s in last stitch.

Repeat last row.

SC for 6 rows.

Turn inside out and attach to other side of pants, You can crochet or sew here.

I am sorry my previous posts were confusing you. I find the pattern to be sparse on details.

The above is my best guess as to what the author intended.


Thank you for all your help. I agree the pattern is sparse for details. While waiting to hear back, I went ahead and did what I could figure out. The pants didn’t turn out too bad except I put the wide butt in the front and the skinny one in the back. Going to start over!

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