Making a turnback in a knitted t bag hat

Can someone please explain how to: join back seam reversing sewing for turnback. Placing back seam to centre, sew crown seam. Thank you

Could you please let us know what pattern you are working on by providing a name/link.

Yeah, we need more info. What you are making and a link would help a lot.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
Yes, no doubt about it, the pattern link would help. I can tell you that for the “join back seam reversing sewing for turnback” you want to seam the ribbing or lower edge of the hat so that when you turn the edge up on the hat, the seam doesn’t show. What I do is continue the seam from the head part of the hat (seaming top down), halfway down the ribbing at the lower edge. Then I seam on the other side of the two edges so that the seam will be hidden in the turn up of the brim. These directions sound like the same thing in reverse, start at the lower edge and seam up to the top.

Thanks al