Making a sole ridge on bootie

I’ll be working from WS with purl stitches showing

My pattern instructions are:

K1 St from needle with 1 corresponding st from 1st row of st st+ Do this all across the row. This makes a ridge.

I don’t understand this and can’t visualize what I should be doing.
Any help will be appreciated.


You’re folding up your work to knit together one from the L needle and one st from the first row.

Thank you.

So, I don’t have to put the corresponding stitch on the left needle?

No, you just poke the R needle through the st along with the one on the L needle.

You’re knitting a tuck or ridge in the bootie. This video may help give you the idea of the stitch. And this one may help too. It’s a very pretty and useful technique.

Thank you all so much! :muah:

The videos were a great help and I’ve finished my booties. I made it harder on myself by knitting the tuck in the same main color so it took a bit longer to make sure I had picked up the correct stitch.

I haven’t knitted much in the past few years so I’m having to “relearn” what I used to know. And the new yarns and fibers are amazing!

I make life-like (reborn) dolls and love all the hand-knit layettes and outfits.