Making a pull over sweater

I won’t be starting the sweater yet but just reading the instructions - I don’t know if I can do it. I understand the stitches but all the putting it together - ??? I don’t understand any of it. I will be taking a class on Dec. 6th and they assure me that I will be able to make a sweater. This pattern I got is supposed to be an easy pull over.
Anyone have any feedback on sweater knitting?? Was it really that difficult?

A sweater is like anything small, you knit it just one stitch and one row at a time. There may be a few more things to keep track of at once, but if you can knit purl, increase and decrease you can do it.

If you knit the sweater in pieces (front, back, sleeves) then you have to seam them together and that can sound confusing in the instructions until you see all the pieces. To avoid this one can knit sweaters in the round either bottom up–like many Elizabeth Zimmerman patterns and in the book Knitting Workshop. Or top down as promoted by Barbara Walker. There are some top down pattern books and most of the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns are that way. I prefer the round method but it’s good to do at least one with seams. Seams come up in other patterns and some people like to seam pieces together.

If you’re taking a class and can already cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, and bind off you will be able to make this sweater.

the pattern I bought is one by Knitting pure and simple. Pattern #9729.
It is done in pieces.

I just looked at the photo of that pattern. It is very basic. You will be able to make it and learn things in the process too.

Those are supposed to be quite easy to follow, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

It probably looks insane looking at everything at once, but you only knit one stitch at a time. I don’t like seaming so I do mine in the round, but the seaming is just like the knitting, one stitch at a time.

My first knitting project was a sweater. I am still wearing it 30 years later. The neck is a little tight as I bound off too tight and I didn’t like the unfinished neckline so I crocheted a short turtleneck onto it, but overall it came out well. I still don’t care for sweaters knit in pieces, but the finished look can be an intrical part of the design. Set in sleeves do give a more tailored look to the project.
You should do just fine and soon you’ll be wearing your finished project.