Making a double thickness neckline on sweater?

I saw a lady who was wearing a pullover sweater that she had made and the neckline was double thick and I asked her how she did that and she explained but not totally lost me! Is there a help thread or link on how to make double thickness necklines when knitting a pullover sweater??

Did she say it was ‘double knit’?

I don’t know if she used those exact words but it was a thicker neckline instead of the typical single

I’ve knitted the edging longer, folded it over and tacked it down on the inside.

There’s a method of knitting a hem onto a piece of knitting where you do double the length you need, then knit the last row onto the main body, which gives a folded up hem. Sometimes people put picots onto the edge, too. It could have also been an attached i-cord edging?

Did you ever figure this out, Darby? I was looking for a picot edge and remembered your question: there’s an applied i-cord bindoff on the page as well.