Making a cable?

I am very new to knitting, in fact I just started learning last night!
I’ve got down pretty much the purl stitch and the knit stitch, and have done stockinette stitch (alternating purl and knit stitch). I haven’t really made anything yet, just a blob of knitting that is like a sampler that I am just practicing different stitches.

Anyways, I saw her video on how to twist the cable stitch. I purled, then did like 6 knit stitches, then purled more, then did 6 more knit stitches, then purled the rest, to make some cables. The thing is, is the knit stitch the basis for a simple cable? It doesn’t seem to stick out nice and shapely like hers does in the video. The video has me purling, then when I get to the cable, slipping the first 3 or 4 stitches on a cable needle, then knitting the [I]last[/I] 3 or 4 first, then going back and knitting the ones off the cable needle, and purling the backround. I can do the twist part, but the rest of the cable itself (before she twists it) is that a different stitch than the knit stitch? I’m thinking it must be because the edges on hers are very defined and stick out. Mine just kind of look odd!

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It sounds like you’ve got it down. Sometimes cables look a little funny before you have a couple of inches done. Actually, all knitting looks off until you’ve done a few rows. Keep going and you’ll see how it will look.

I’m impressed- you learned last night and you’re cabling? You’re awesome!

That’s pretty much a cable. If ya purl just before and after the knit cable it makes them stand out. Ya just reverse the order of a few stitches. It’s really pretty simple but looks really cool.

When you say that it doesn’t stick out as much–what kind of yarn are you using? Some types of yarn make cables “pop” better than others.

I am using umm lets see, Lion Brand Vanna’s choice in seamist green, I just thought the color was pretty for playing around. Glad to know I am doing it right, I just have to keep at it!
I suppose it is true, once one knows the knit stitch and the purl stitch there are a lot of ways to go. Is every kind of look of the knitting based on the knit or purl stitch?

Hmmm…I have never knit with that, so I’m not sure how it is for cables.

Yes, pretty much everything in knitting is done using knit or purl in some way. There are yarn overs for increases in some cases, and you might be slipping a stitch and end up passing it over another, but really, once you know knit and purl, you can do just about everything in knitting. It’s pretty amazing when you really think about it. :slight_smile:

Yeah that is nice! I can’t wait to make some of the really complex looking cables, some are just so gorgeous!

I love knitting cables…you might get hooked if you keep it up. I had a rough time with them at first, and then I started using a J shaped cable needle and they got much easier for me. I think most knitters prefer the wing shaped ones, but I like the J shaped ones because I can let it hang down while I’m working on the other part of the cable and my stitches don’t slip off.

At any rate, if you get really interested in cables, I’d get a copy of this book:

220 Aran Stitches and Patterns

There are tons of cables in that book ranging from really simple to amazingly complex. It gives line-by-line instructions and charts, and is well laid out. I highly recommend it. (Although the amazon prices don’t seem right-I don’t think it’s out of print, but I could be wrong.)

Another great place to find different cable sts is

I started learning cables yesterday and fiund it helpful. Cabling is one of my knitting resolutions. Once I am am comfortable with cabling, I’m making this

Best of luck. Knit on:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

Your Vanna’s Choice should work alright with the cables. I like that yarn.

Yeah I’ve gotten the hang of just a simple cable that twists to the left, it looks pretty decent!

That’s awesome! :thumbsup: Learning a new skill in knitting is a great feeling. The only danger is that it only serves to tighten the hold of the addiction over you! :smiley: