Making a bobble on top of a hat

I’m in the process of knitting a few baby hats for a charity. I’m almost finished one that I started - I didn’t follow a pattern, I just designed as I went along. I would like to make a bobble at the top of the hat instead of a pom-pom or tassle.

I looked it up in a reference book that I have and the says to make the bobble seperately and then attach.

My question - can’t I just decrease down to a stitch at the top of the hat and make a bobble???

I decided to just go ahead and do it… I didn’t like the way the 5 stitch bobble looked on this hat so I ended up doing a 3 stitch knot… I like it. I hope to write up the pattern and knit a test from the pattern.

I’ve attached pics in case anyone wanted to see.

I forgot to add the picture that showed the knot at the top of the hat…

Very cute; let us know when you get the ‘how to’ done

Nice! I’d like to know how to do that, too. Tassels and pompoms are just a bit too much for my taste on such a little hat.

I’m currently making the Umbilical Cord Hat in SnB…it’ll be my first attempt at I-cord, so I’ll have a book open in my lap. Doesn’t look too difficult, though.