Making a Blanket

I was wondering if anyone can suggest how many stitches to cast on if you were to make an adult size blanket? (one that could be used on a couch while watching T.V.) How many skeins of yarn would you use, and how would you determine which needles to use?

If you had to cast on A LOT of stitches at first, which I think you have to, how would you fit them all on a 14" straight needle?

Thank you!

To figure out how many stitches you need, you have to know how wide you want it, and how many sts per inch you get with the yarn and needles you use. Multiply the sts/inch times the inches and that will give you a cast on number.

You wouldn’t want to use even that long a straight needle for a blanket, the weight would be too heavy after an inch or so besides not being able to fit them on. Circular needles can be used to knit flat items, that’s how you fit them all on.