Making a Blanket. Please help!

Hi I’ve been knitting for a while and I taught myself but I’m not advanced or close to it. I’ve made scarves that are solid and striped and that’s about it. Recently, I’ve been asked to make a blanket for my boyfriend who is about 6 ft and I’m not sure how to even begin this project. With such a large project, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me that could help me in my process…

You would probably be best served to either knit it in strips or squares and then seam them together. Pick a yarn and get your gauge. Then decide how big you want it to be. From there divide it into a manageable number of stitches per square/strip. Then you can work several smaller parts that will form a blanket big enough for your BF without having the strain of trying to knit something so huge. Good luck!

If you don’t want to sew strips together, you can cast on about 40-45" worth of stitches and knit until you have 45-60". Or knit in 2 or 3 panels, which would still be less sewing together. It doesn’t have to be as big as he is, unless you want to make a bed size blanket.

Thanks for the tips. Any suggestions on a needle size?

It depends on your yarn. I like a looser gauge, so I knit worsted on size 10s or even larger. With bulky yarn I use 11s or 13s. Just depends how you like it and what seems good to you.