Making a bath mat

I’m a new knitter and I thought it would be great to make a bath mat for my kids’ bathroom. I want to put a skid resistant bottom on and I want it to be washable. What do I put on the bottom? Where do I get it? and how do I go about attaching it? :shrug:

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

You can get an “underpad” to put under the rug to keep it from slipping. I wouldn’t attach it to the rug though, because it makes it not so washable.

I have a rug in the planning stages though, and I’m probably not going to put anything under it. I’ve had a plain throw rug before in the bathroom and it didn’t move all that much.

I plan to try one of these when I get around to making a rug.
Super Grip Non-Skid Fabric Coating
Jiffy Grip Safety Backing

I thought of knitting a bath mat with my towel, but didn’t came out to be neat.

Along with that it was too time consuming, so now I usually buy knitted bat mats online . This time I have ordered a knitted machine washable area rug through online.

Hoping for a good quality and material too :slight_smile: