Makin' needles


I was very inspired by the tutorial on making your own needles, so I did!
I’ve made one set of 4mm dpns + straights + a cable to match. I’ve got a set of 5mm’ers in the works, I also have dowel for 6mm & 8mm. I can’t get tiny tiny dowel, so anything smaller than a 4, I either have to sand the bejeses out of a 4mm, or just buy them in either bamboo or casein.

Worked out to about AUD$20 to make cables, dpn’s and straights in 4 sizes… :smiley: NOT BAD!!!

(It’s nice Tasmanian Oak too… soooo smooooooth)

Very nice! Much nicer than my 1st attempt… must be that Tasmanian oak…

LOVE those watermelons!

I’ve made a few sets, too (after watching Amy’s video). I didn’t top mine with cute little watermelons, though. What a cute idea! :mrgreen:

:heart: :heart: them!! Such Talent :smiley:
I have a friend that uses bamboo skewers from the grocery store for small dpns, etc…and when one breaks or gets lost, etc…she makes another for far less than a dollar!!
I just went back and looked over her email; she uses shish kabob skewers, breaks them to length she desires, does the point; sands with fine paper then puts a few drops of vegetable oil in her palms & rubs the now dpns in her hands which causes friction/heat that makes the skewers absorb the oil…ingenious!! She said she gets around 100 for $1-$2…depending upon the size…
Ya’ll just too smart & inventive :smiley:

I’ve also used orange sticks from the beauty supply store. Very cheap. I figure if I lose or break one, I’m not out much expense, and not even that much time, since the beginning of the point is already there. Of course, they only come in about one or two sizes (all I’ve found).

Here’s my little handmade collection. Not as cute as misstialouise’s, but serviceable.
So, first are my US7’s & size7dpn’s, the purple-y ones are my size 9’s (you can’t see in this pic, but they have black wooden beads on the tops), then US11 dpn’s, the greenish ones are the ones I made for my son (13’s), a single 13 dpn (I had an extra piece :rollseyes: and I couldn’t waste it), and my dog-gnawed 13’s. The one up top is an orphan, it was just floating around, have no recollection of making it.

WOW…great job!!! What a collection…!!
I have a huge collection of needles… :blush: but I didn’t make any of them…lol!!
Ya’ll are just way too ingenious, making your needles!

How did you colour them???

Beeeutiful!!! :cheering:

I used a broken crayon out of my boy’s collection… just rubbed it up and down until the needle was all covered, then took a paper towel (I switched to a cotton rag, it worked a lot better and removed more of the wax, too) and rubbed most of it off. The wax makes them a little sticky at first, but they finish up nicely after a few swatches. I haven’t knitted anything light colored with them yet, so I’m not sure if the color will come off or not :??
Something I’ve been contemplating is using colored permanent markers to color them … I’ve been itching to get a silver Sharpie and see how that works, I bet it would look great…
I love having the woodgrain show thru the color tho - that’s why I’m soo jealous of yours…what a beautiful wood…

ooh… how very ingenious!!! :smiley:

Aww, thanks :smiley: I might just get some plain waxed paper and rub them a bit… most of the stuff I do is fairly light, so I’d be too scared of the colour coming off… :smiley: