Make One

So I haven’t done any projects where I have needed to “make one” except for my dishcloths but that is knit front and back.

I was recently told that when you knit front and back it leaves a bump, and that when a pattern says “make one” it doesn’t mean knit front and back.

Is it wrong to knit front and back when being asked to make one? I am looking at patterns and I see a lot of “make one” and I don’t want to do it wrong. I figure I should learn if I plan on ever trying anything else other than dishcloths, socks, hats, and scarves.

I have looked at the videos on this site but they are very specific to which side you are knitting (left or right)

My question would be which technique should I be using when I am told to “make one”? And is it wrong to knit front and back to “make one”? Thanks

You can use kfb when you’re increasing. And you can use some of the other increases on the Videos tab as well. The important thing is to watch the stitch count in the row that you’re doing. In some cases the instructions may want you to include a stitch the way you do with a kfb or a KLL or KRL and in some cases, the instructions may want you to pick up the bar [I]between[/I] sts. In that case, the increase doesn’t include a stitch. So try an increase that you like or that looks good in your project but be mindful of the stitch count.

Sometimes you can use kfb instead of m1, like at the beg or end of a row. But if a pattern says to k2, m1, k3, m1, k2 where you start with 7 sts and should end up with 9, then don’t have enough sts to do k2 at the end of the row. An easy way to m1 without pulling the yarn from the row below is to do a backward loop on the right needle. This works really well.

Ok so the pattern I am looking at says

“Working in Stockinette Stitch (knitting every round)…
Setup Round: K 20 (22, 24), pm, MIL, K1, M1R, PM, K to end of round.
K 2 rounds
Round 1: K to marker, SM, M1L, K to marker, M1R, SM, K to end
Rounds 2 & 3: K around all stitches
Repeat these 3 rounds until there are 13 (15, 17) stitches between the markers.”

Does it matter? I mean I guess I can try doing the M1L and M1R

I also noticed the next part of the pattern says

“Next Round: K to marker, remove marker, slide 13 (15, 17) gusset stitches on scrap yarn, remove last marker. Use
the backwards loop method to CO 1 over gap, K to end. 40 (44, 48) stitches”

I started with 40 sts, if I CO1 over gap then knit to end, won’t I end up with 41 stitches not 40?


You should try to do one of the m1s instead of kfb here, but you can do a kfb, you have to place them differently. For the setup round - K 20 (22, 24), pm, MIL, K1, M1R, PM, K to end of round. K 2 rounds - but you’d need to k1 stitch less(19,21,23), pm then kfb, kfb, pm and knit to end of round. Then on round 1 - K to marker, SM, M1L, K to marker, M1R, SM, K to end - you would knit to the stitch before the marker, kfb, sm, knit to stitch before marker, kfb, sm, k to end.

On the next part, that could be a typo. One stitch off won’t make a difference if it’s just stockinette stitch.

I did it!!! It’s hard to get the needle through but I did it! I’ve now got more than half my first mitten done, a few more rounds before I decrease then finish the thumb!

The pattern was correct in saying 40 sts because I had to take one sts and use it for the thumb, so it all worked out. I hope I understand the decrease correctly!

Question: when you are doing the Kitchener stitch to close up the top what do you do with the last two stitches on the needle? I slip one off then the last one I just slip off too?

Keep going with the Kitchener graft until there are no more sts left on the needle.

Hmm I end up with 2 stitches left in the same needle though. I take the second last one off then go through te next one as if to knit, then just pull it off?

I have successfully knitted a mitten, now that I know I can do it I would like to get a good yarn to knitt myself a pair! The pattern I am using suggests worsted weighted yarn that is wool or wool blend. Is there a brand that you can suggest? Also can you tell me how I know if it is worsted weighted and wool or wool blend?

The pattern I am using describes doing the cuff as 2x2 rib then I increase 13 sts, after increasing 13 sts I transfer those to a stitch holder and continue working in stockette stitch in the round then eventually decreasing and then with the last 20 stitches use Kitchener stitch to close it up. Finally when I go back to the thumb I am to just knit in the round and decrease gradually. However if I do it that way I am left with a hole between the thumb and the mitt, any suggestions on how to get rid of that hole? If I picked up stitches would that fix it?
Thanks for the tips!

Also can you tell me how I know if it is worsted weighted and wool or wool blend?

The label should tell you the content and weight. Worsted weight yarn I have has a 4 on the label.

Lots of good stuff in Kelley’s Mitten Class. In this video she’s talking about thumbs, gusset and afterthought, take your pick.

When I’m looking at yarn online I look to see what weight it is and/or the sts/inch on what size needles. That’s also a pretty good indicator of what to expect.

ETA: Since I don’t really like Kitchner stitch I’ve started at the fingers of the mittens I have OTN right now, just as I would for a toe up sock. That way, when I’m done, I’m done, and no weaving to close it up.

This video shows you the end of the Kitchener grafting and it may help answer your question. It’s not as smooth as the one here at KH but see if it helps. You start with an equal number of sts on the two needles so you should end with two sts, one on each needle.
Usually the ballband or the online description will tell you if it’s wool or a wool blend and if it’s a blend, it’ll tell you what’s in the blend.
and yes, to get rid of the hole at the thumb gusset, you can pick up an extra stitch and knit it through the back loop or pick up the extra stitch and k2tog.
Congratulations on finishing the first mitten. That’s great. Good luck with the next pair.

Would I knit the two together right away? And is it ok to pick up more than one stitch? Thanks again

Yes, you can knit the two together right away or on the next round. GG recommended a nice series of videos one of which is about picking up sts and avoiding a gap when you go to make the thumb.

Thanks to all who volunteered such helpful answers! :thumbsup: