Make One

Does it matter if you make one by inserting the left needle under the bar between stitches or use the loop-over-the-thumb method? I mean does it alter the appearance of the garment one way or the other? I would rather do the loop, but the pattern directions describe the ‘make one’ as inserting the left needle.

Ive never heard of the thumb and loop method! Im thinking inserting the needle may be the most invisible increase…

The M1 increase is tighter and more invisible because it’s “attached” to your knitting. The backward loop will leave a hole underneath since it’s added on without being connected to anything underneath.

That’s pretty much what I figured. It’s a tight squeeze doing it the recommended way, so it makes sense it would be more invisible.

Yeah, when you do the thumb loop thing you’re actually casting on a stitch - not great for run of the mill increasing but it’s a good trick to know when you do buttonholes!