Make me own sock blockers?

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I’m almost done with a pair of socks (thanks to you guys, who directed me to silver’s sock class, which is totally awesome :thumbsup: ) I’d like to block them, but WHOA, sock blockers are expensive! Can I make my own? Like, if someone tells me the dimensions or scans in a photocopy of one, can I cut them out of cardboard? Or is this somehow illegal? :think:

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Here’s a link to a sock blocker from a hanger.
I’ve made one of these but haven’t used it yet. Looked a little too big. But maybe you can bend one to the right size for your socks.
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Just google ‘homemade knitting sock blocker’ or similar. I’ve seen directions to make them out of plastic placemats, thin wood, cardboard covered w/plastic wrap.

I made two from a couple of wire coat hangers. You really just bend them to shape. easy-peazy.

Yay! I love quick and PERFECT responses! Thanks, gals!

I love that wire hanger thing! Totally genius! Thanks, toomuch!

And another helpful link I found by googling, as Mirl56 suggested, (for future people looking up this thread) is:

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And here’s another take on this: I never block socks. Here’s why. . .
Yes, they do look more professional in the final product. But when worn, you can’t tell the difference between blocked and not. Also, when you block, depending on the wool, the yarn may have permanant memory of the blocking. With socks, because they are such a snuggly fitting object, that may not be a good thing, and once you’ve blocked, you often can’t change it back. And socks are usually hidden, or partially hidden, in your shoes or sandles or clogs. The only time I would block socks, is if they have a pattern such as cabling, which you want to make stand out.

Oh, I definitely agree with Brittyknits. I only block socks that are gifts and 95% of the socks I make are for me. I really figure my feet are the perfect blockers. That’s why I like the coathanger blockers - I can smoosh them smaller as need be, or spread them out for a man’s larger sock.