Make bobble stitch

Please help me place Loop (what loop) with the longer leg og the stitch to the front ? knit into the front,back,front,bak,front f the loop:turn, K5 turnP5 pass second stitch over first stitch 4 times. ? iam lost

Iam making mittens and this stitch is in row 5 stats out with p5 c6r, p4, MB p4,c6l p5

the directions read: Place the loop between the stitch just worked and the next stitch on lef needle with longer leg of the stitch to the front. knit into the front,back,fornt,back,front of this loop: turn k5 turn p5 (pass second stitch over first sitich) 4 times.

Are they having you make this bobble in an existing stitch, or are you supposed to pick up the bar between two other stitches?

If you pick up the bar between stitches from front to back with your left needle, the larger loop will be in the front–kind of like a M1 increase.